Quality of 360volt lights

All lamps offered on our website are in used condition. Although most items are in very good condition, traces of usage can be found.

When these traces are very visible it will be shown on the images. When possible, we sell all our products in original state. We always replace the wires with new CE Certified or UL Listed wires.
Doing so, we keep the original design unimpaired. Before shipment, we test all lamps. Considering the age of the products though (often several decades old), we cannot give any technical guarantee on the long-term.

All lamps have been made suitable for normal light bulbs, energy-efficient lamps and led lamps. They can be set in operation immediately and all have a 3 conductor black rubber electric cord of at least 2 meter (200 cm) 78.74 inch.
For more information about the lamps, or to request for more pictures, you can send us an e-mail. We will contact you as soon as possible!