Terms and conditions

With this order you let us, 360volt, know that you agree with the delivery, guarantee and payment conditions. 360volt keeps the right to change the delivery, guarantee and payment conditions. For a purchasing-agreement we will always keep the conditions the way they were on the day mentioned on the invoice.


The dimensions mentioned on our items are global measures and can to some extent deviate.

Information resource

The tips and additional information on our site are put together carefully. We can not be held accountable for possible faults or inaccuracies in these texts. Our stock is continually renewed so it might happen that an item is somewhat different from one that has been bought before.
The delivery period of items that are sold out is carefully estimated, but circumstances can change this data.
All wall lamps and spots are sold without a cord.

Guarantee conditions

All products have a warranty, new products 2 years. Vintage products 1 year. 360volt guarantees that all lighting fixtures delivered, satisfy all normal durability and usefulness demands. In case the item or parts of it get lost or damaged during shipping to your address, 360volt will replace it free of charge.
In case of failure in or at the item, during the guarantee period, while using this item in a normal way (meaning the way this item should be used), 360volt will replace it free of charge. In this case the shipping charges will be payed by 360volt. 360volt will establish whether or not the guarantee is applicable and will determine the course of shipping and repair.
When replacement is applicable within the guarantee period, the purchase date on the invoice or coupon determines the day on which the guarantee period became effective.
Light sources as incandescent lamps, halogen, economic lamps and LED as well as batteries are not included in the guarantee service .

You shall pack the returns for repairing or replacement in its original packaging with a copy of the invoice added to it.

The guarantee will not be applicable in case:

- the item is defective/ broken/ out of order as result of negligent maintenance,
- the item has been altered by you or by thirds,
- the date on the invoice is changed or illegible,
- damage at the item originated by not following the instructions,
- damage originated on purpose or by carelessness,
- calamity coming from outside, like for example thunderbolt and other natural disasters
- overheating because of central heating or by using too high wattage,
- exposure to moisture, extreme warmth, sunlight or extreme coldness.
- Overheads, caused by an idle defected item or having to remove and mount again of that item by yourself or thirds, cannot be compensated.