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LED recessed dimmer 3 – 70w | € 49,95

Art.Nr. | calex-dimmer-inbouw

Suitable for all Dimmable LED lamps
calex LED recessed dimmer 3 – 70 watt . 50Hz excluding front plate / order front plate separately

Dimming LEDs with a LED dimmer
Dimmable LED lamps allow you to create the perfect ambiance. In order to determine the brightness of a dimmable LED lamp or a dimmable LED spotlight, a special LED dimmer is required.

LED dimmer vs conventional dimmer
Connecting an LED lamps to a ‘regular’ dimmer may cause the lamp to flicker, hum or vibrate. The electronics in a LED lamp function differently from those in a halogen or filament lamp, and as the dimmer needs to be compatible, a LED dimmer is used for LED lamps.

70 mm / 2.8"
50 mm / 2.0"
70 mm / 2.8"

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